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Quantum Air5 - Air Purifier

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 This model is used for vehicles, kitchens, and bedrooms. The Quantum Air 5 comes with two filter sets (two in each set) that last 4 to 6 months each, so you have almost a years' worth to start. This product is a multifunctional intelligent air purifier with state of the art operations and features:



  • Air purification
  • Aromatherapy
  • Humidification
  • Solar energy self charging
  • Negative ion functions
  • With a magnetic phone holder bracket.

The Bedroom , office, or  Car Air Purifier leaving only fresh clean air and deodorizing fumes and formaldehyde.

The noise level is less than 40db. Enjoy peace and quiet as this advance device does the job unnoticeably. Providing better sleep and ensuring an environment full of tranquility.

The outcome of the air that's produced from the Air Purifier helps relieve tension and anxiety, providing an enjoyable atmosphere for you and your family. 


Eliminate Pollutants 



Finally, Clean Air!




...By Capturing, Breaking Down...


...And Destroying...

...Then Enjoy Fragrance

With Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Certified Sophisticated Technology


- Filter Purification: True HEPA With Four Layered Filtration System. Using The Principle of Backward Air Inlet and Forward Air Outlet To Inhale and Draw In The Harmful Gases and Particulate Matter.

- Negative Ion Purification: Millions of Negative Ions Are Generated in Seconds to Purify Your Car or Room and Effectively Removes Static Electricity While Destroying Bacteria.

- Humidifier: Controlling The Air Dryness With Fresh Air Quality.

Aromatherapy: Clean Air Purification While Enjoying The Fragrance of Natural Oils Filling Your Car or Room with Flavor.


Advance Air Purification

Solar Energy Charging


Magnetic Phone Holder


Pure Air With Flavor


Always Know Your Air Quality Status

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